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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on all facets of life, both home and work – and blurring the lines between the two.

It continues to create additional stress and strain on workers and workplaces as we continue to respond to the rapidly changing environment.

Two manufacturing workers wearing masks working together on equipment

Impact of COVID-19 on the manufacturing sector

In 2020 an estimated 3,000 manufacturing apprentices lost their jobs.

A reduced migrant workforce contributed to an anticipated shortage of 108,000 workers to the sector for 2019/20. The impact of COVID-19 on the migrant workforce is likely to be felt for a

number of years as international travel remains restricted.

Impact on your workm8tes

Our research shows that workm8tes had an increased emotional and social load with increased worry, stress, and caring responsibilities outside of work, and reduced social connection at work.

Your workm8tes have enjoyed being able to work non-standard hours, working from home on occasion, and the move to virtual or online meetings as they have helped to improve attendance.

Workers have missed being able to socialise both inside and outside of work.

The last three years have taught us is that nothing is for certain. We have rallied to respond to changing work and social environments, cancelled holidays, endured separation from our families, social and physical isolation, increased responsibility, stress and worry.

It has taken its toll

Stress and worry has increased, along with an increase in mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

In 2020, 3 in 5 workers experienced a mental health condition. Up from 1 in 5.

More than 25% of these workers experienced their first mental health condition during the pandemic.

Your workm8tes are at a high risk

M8tes who were most likely to experience a mental health condition for the first time are workers in small-to-medium sized workplaces and business owners.

99% of the defence manufacturing sector are small-to-medium sized enterprises.

The new “normal”

COVID-19 continues to surprise us, challenge the way we do business, how we work, connect with others and increased our responsibilities, worry and stress.

Not knowing what the future holds is stressful. The constant change to rules, regulations, practices, at home and at work and how we do our work leaves us with feelings of not being in control.

Being isolated from friends, family, co-workers and our workplace leaves us feeling disconnected. This can be stressful.

Uncertainty creates stress

Success lies in being able to adapt.

The best way to future proof your workforce and protect your business is by investing in your workm8tes to build a strong, adaptable and resilient workforce.

Feeling connected, and a part of something bigger than ourselves gives us purpose, but also a sense of belonging. By investing in our m8tes, we foster deeper connections. This lowers stress, and creates a strong supportive workforce.

By doing this you build high trust, commitment and engagement. Your workm8tes will feel safe to raise concerns, take risks and they are more committed to you and their workplace and will be less likely to leave.

The result? High psychosocial safety, delivering high productivity and profitability through innovative, solution focussed high performing and resilient teams.

Safeguard your workm8tes by creating a stress-free, safe and thriving workplace with high psychosocial safety.

You have the power

As a leader you have the power to create a strong, adaptable and resilient workforce that is able to respond quickly to the next challenge that is thrown your way.

Know the law

Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities during COVID-19 pandemic.

This comprehensive guide covers workplace laws, obligations and entitlements for workplaces and workers.

Get on the front foot - take action

Get your hands on our guide to COVID-19 workplaces in the new-normal leaders guide.

Invest in your workm8tes. Be real, connect and take an interest

Supervisors, you have the power. And we have the tools.

For Senior Management

& HR/WHS Managers

For Supervisors

& Direct Managers

It all starts with you.

Change comes from the top.

Visible commitment from senior management, HR and work, health and safety managers is key to creating a thriving, safe and productive workplace.

Your actions set the tone of what is to follow.

Own your responsibilities and create a safe and productive workforce.

Know what you have to do, and get the resources to help you deliver.

It's in your hands.

You are the most important influencer of your workm8tes' wellbeing and performance. You have a key role in preventing work-related stress - as you have the greatest impact on their day-to-day wellbeing, and you are in the best position to notice when a workm8te might be struggling.

Big responsibility sure, but you don't need big shoulders for this one.

You have all the tools you need to master this right here.

Together we've got this.



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