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Know how to spot the signs of stress in a workm8te.

Is the check engine warning light on? Do you need to act before it escalates into a bigger problem?
Infographic showing the signs of stress on a man

Download & display this poster in your workplace

Signs of a Stressed M8 Poster
Download PDF • 3.67MB

Take action

Take action early to address the causes of work-related stress to prevent serious harm. Know the common signs of stress in your workm8tes and take immediate action. Starting the conversation is the hardest part - but it just might be the most important conversation you have.

Take a look at these guides we've developed for you to help you know what to do and connect with your workm8tes.

Know what to do for a stressed M8

Keep in touch with workm8tes

who are out of action

  • Take immediate action

  • Tackle the causes of work-related stress

  • Use the work-related factors checklist

  • Design better jobs by maximising the positive attributes of work

  • Reach out within 48 hours

  • Regularly connect

  • Encourage team8tes to reach out

  • Get injured workm8tes back to work quickly

Know what to do for a stressed M8

Take immediate action

Tough personal conversations poster

Starting the conversation is the hardest part. We’ve created a guide to having tough personal conversations to help you take the crucial first step to help a struggling M8.

It just might be the most important conversation you have.

It’s not always personal, work has a huge impact on our stress levels

Work plays a big role in our overall wellbeing and is important for our wellbeing and in creating a thriving life. It provides opportunities for personal growth, skill development, social contact, and a sense of purpose. It can also increase the risk of both physical and mental harm.

Tackle work-related stress by addressing the source.

Stress occurs when the demands of our job exceed our available skills and resources.

Learn more about the key hazards workers face, how they show up, and what to do about them.

Remember, stress isn't always obvious. Use the body mapping checklist to help identify areas of stress and strain felt by your workm8tes, then you take action to address the cause.

Body Mapping Assessment and Results
Download PDF • 224KB

Get to know the work-related challenges your team8tes face, and identify your at-risk areas, by using the online Workplace Risk Assessment survey tool and receive an action plan tailored to address the needs of your team8tes.

Remember to also cut stress off at the pass, by designing better jobs

Well-designed jobs prevent stress by removing, reducing, and minimising the work-related factors that cause workplace stress, and amplifying the parts of a job that are positive and fulfilling for your workm8tes. Find out what makes a good job, and how to design a better and stress free job.

Want to know how your jobs measure up? Take our online assessment to see how good your job design is, know your strengths and areas for improvement, and get a tailored action plan and create no stress, safe and rewarding jobs for your workm8tes.

Keep in touch with workm8tes who are out of action

Have a M8 off work with an injury?

Keep in regular contact

Keeping in regular contact with them is the most important thing you can do to help get them back to work.

Reach out

Reach out within the first 48 hours to check in. Find out how they are and wish them a safe and speedy recovery. This small gesture builds trust and can see around a 400% improvement on return-to-work outcomes. How easy is that!

Keep in touch. Regularly connect just to have a yarn. Don’t focus on work or their injury.

If safe to do so, encourage them to pop in for lunch or morning tea and invite them to social activities and celebrations.

Encourage team8tes to reach out and connect

Getting an injured workm8te back to work quickly helps speed up their recovery and improves their overall wellbeing by providing a sense of purpose and community. This can reduce the likelihood of a secondary mental injury, such as anxiety or depression.

We know that the longer a M8 is off work, the less likely they are to return.

Get a head start on returning m8tes

Do you have a M8 returning o work after an injury?

Changes to work duties or other adjustments may be required. Check-in with them before they are due back so you can make any adjustments, changes, or get new equipment beforehand - making it easier for them when they return.



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