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Your one-stop shop for tools, resources and tips to become and effective, safe & awesome leader – one that creates stress-free and productive teams.

One size doesn't fit all

Remember, no two workplaces are the same – actions taken needs to be for your workm8tes and your workplace. This toolbox has streamlined the key tools for you by focusing in on the general wants and needs of the workers in the manufacturing sector.

Pay attention!

To what works and what doesn’t. If it isn’t working (takes too much effort and not enough buy-in), don’t force it. Stop and try a different approach.

​Remember, the key to your success is:

  1. Commit. Your commitment and action are the key to creating stress-free, safe and productive teams.

  2. Communicate your commitment, and regularly connect with your workm8tes.

  3. Be honest, genuine and transparent wherever you can. In your words and actions.

  4. Leave no-one behind. Take your team8tes along with you on the journey. Involve them in designing solutions to issues that impact them.

  5. Know where you are at and adjust as needed. Check in regularly, both one-on-one and in your teams, to see how you are tracking.

  6. Try a different approach. If something is not working, don’t force it - try something else.

These are the 5 key behaviours for becoming a safe and effective leader and the tools, resources and tips to help you create stress-free, safe and productive teams

​Communication is a crucial skill. The role of a supervisor is to guide and support their team8tes. Everyone has their own preferred communication style. To be successful you must find a style that suits you and your team8tes.

Effective performance management is essential to a strong and productive business. This can be formal through an annual performance review, or informal as part of giving feedback, or showing appreciation for a job well done.

​The #1 reason most people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition.

Recognition is important - and so is accountability as it builds trust between team8tes leading to improved work performance and productivity.

As a supervisor you are the #1 influencer of worker performance and wellbeing.

Your leadership style, behaviour, actions and how your communicate all can have a big impact on the day-to-day stress of your workm8tes.

As a supervisor you are automatically a role model. Your team will look to you, your values, attitudes, and behaviours as the standard for what you expect from them.



Close the Loop:

Keep and Eye Out for Your M8:

It starts with you. Let's get started

Here are 3 actions you need to take to create a high performing thriving team, and how to design work to reduce workplace stress and harm, and increase productivity.

Knowing yourself

Knowing your team

Working with your team

High performing teams cannot exist without psychosocial safety.

Safety is created at the top, by you.

As a leader you have the strongest influence on a team’s safety, wellbeing and performance.

Be aware of your strengths and role model the right behaviours that you want to see from your workm8tes.

Learn how your leadership style impacts your team8tes, influences the outcomes you get, and know how to communicate with your workm8tes to get the best out of them.

Find out more.

Get to know your team, and the stressors they face, and what actions to take to support your workm8tes to reach their full potential.

Taking the time to get to know your workers is important. It builds trust and shows them that you value them and their contribution.

Learn how to build your key leader behaviours to build and maintaining strong connections with your m8tes, create high levels of trust, accountability and open communication, and how to give impactful recognition.

Find out more.

​Your commitment, training and action are the most important factors in achieving and maintaining a stress free, safe and productive workplace. Commit to change, shift your mindset, and take action to create stress-free, safe and productive workplace.

Use these flowcharts we've developed for your to guide you on what actions to take when working with your teams or one-on-one with your workm8tes.

Be in the know and go with the flow with the

team action flowchart & worker action flowchart.

Take action & make an impact

Short on time? It doesn’t take much time and effort to make an impact.

We’ve put together a downloadable poster of everyday actions that benefit you, your workers and your workplace so you can start making a difference today.

Everyday actions for supervisors to benefit workers
NO STRESS M8 Everyday Actions Poster
Download PDF • 280KB



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